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♥ i have a delusional attachment to doflamingo and believe i am him in the flesh grounding me doesn't work♠ i usually have no byf but now i needed one thing for it



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♣ you're free to follow me if you're any age! but i don't want to be friends with anyone 13 or younger. this is for my own comfortability!


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hyskoa morow
highest kin rn! i reclaim him from past shit that has happened to me and if you don't like that just leave then, lmao
dirk strider
i've been getting back into homestuck lately and have been reminded how much i'm like him lol



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ø saeyoung choiø kokichi oumaø rohan kishibeø akira kurusuø and more~!


okay so dropping all the aesthetic shit for a second right now. i now only have one big dni/byf and itsif you think you have a personality disorder and are a minor / are not medically diagnosed / or have not done EXTENSIVE research on the topic, not only do you most likely NOT have it, i do NOT want to interact with you.i am up to here sick and tired of seeing so many people claim they have personality disorders, mainly bpd. i am not one to much to share about my own mental struggles online but as someone with a medically diagnosed personality disorder who affects his every relationship and choice in life, this is a very serious topic to me.i want to first say that it is extremely unprobeable for a minor to have a pd as you are still developing your personality until your early twenties. yes, if you really do have a pd you may be starting to form fractions of the condition but in no way is it fully formed. you are still growing and figuring yourself out, it's normal to have rampant changing emotions as you are still turning into an adult. i get that teenagerdom is dramatic and you want something to latch onto to relate to but this is NOT ita lot of people claiming to have a pd do not actually fully understand what it is like to be in our shoes. its not just about freaking out over shit, its not just about seeing in black and white or ghosting people randomly its way more than that. im not comfortable sharing much about my own experience but i can say that my pd makes it near impossible to decipher what i even actually feel or who i like at almost all times, and its something that is genuinely fucking terrifying. its not something im proud to wear or even remotely enjoy in the slightest. it makes me near insane that so many people can claim to experience what i go through without even knowing half of it. those with a pd do not flaunt it around like its some badge we love wearing.i'm not saying this to inherently smack down people who do this stuff. if you do this i want this to be a little call to you saying hey maybe this shouldnt be something to ve poking into. i am totally free to talk to people about this from a perspective of someone living with this and am very willing to civilly talk to people in private in more detail about how its wrong to do this and how you can detatch yourself from it or stray away from it. this isnt from pure malice that i wrote this, i just want people to understand i guess. i apologize at how messy this is, again, if youd like me to go into more detail dm me about it and id love to message you